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Saturn Materials’ ASTM Test Results

Bowser-Morner, an expert construction materials testing laboratory, recently released our third party test results. We’re proud to announce our above average status that ensures Saturn Materials masonry products are of excellent quality. Our bricks went through the four rigorous tests listed below.

Thru Wall C-90 Strength and Absorption Report

This tests the compressive strength, absorption, fire rating and linear shrinkage results. The average Net Unit Load psi is 4420 and the average absorption is 4.2. See our test results here for our 8x8x16 Thru Wall unit.

Modular Brick C-55 Strength and Absorption Report

The Brick C-55 provides providing compressive strength, absorption and linear shrinkage results on our modular brick. See Saturn Materials Modular Brick test results here.

Brick C-426 Linear Shrinkage Report

The C-426 tests the linear shrinkage results of concrete masonry units. View our linear shrinkage report here.

8x8x16 Thru Wall C90 & Fire Resistance Rating

The following test was performed by the National Concrete Masonry Association Research and Development Laboratory to test fire resistance for Saturn Materials 8x8x16 concrete masonry unit. Our fire resistance rating is 1.7 hours. View our official certification here.

Start your next masonry project off knowing the materials used are durable and reliable. Contact Saturn Materials at 662-798-4797 or info@ to get started.