Saturn Materials and MSU win at NCMA

Come on Our Top 10 of 2018 Journey

It’s been an exciting year for Saturn Materials. We’ve been busy, and want to share our highlights with you as we move forward in 2019. Blackson Brick Company – TX Johnson Concrete Products – NC York Building Products – PA, MD, & VA Alley-Cassetty Companies, Inc.  – GA Watkins Concrete Block Company, Inc. – NE Lion Materials and Hardscapes, LLC – FL  Jireh Sales LLC – WI Florida Silica and Sand Company – FL Construction Specifications Institute – Pearl, MS Construction Specifications Institute – Memphis, TN Young Professionals Group National Concrete Masonry Association – Dallas, TX 100th Anniversary National Concrete …

Fred Saturn Materials Ultra Light Bricks

Fred’s New Workout Routine or Masonry Revolution?

  Whoa! Is Fred going to be in the next Marvel movie or is something else going on here… Wait one second, is that 2-year-old holding a huge Monarch Cored Brick?! Hmmm… There is definitely something going on here. Looks like Saturn Materials is coming out with yet another masonry sequel: “Ultralight.” After it surpasses ASTM standards, you’ll get a get a chance to see that strength and weight is NOT always connected.

Family Brick Image

What Do Elon Musk and Saturn Materials Have in Common?

Until recently, it would appear that Saturn Materials and Elon Musk were galaxies apart. Musk’s companies have been most famously known for cars and space travel. With the unveiling of The Boring Company brick project, we can say that we are sharing some of the same space.  Elon, we’re so excited to see you have become a “Rock Star.” But while you’re just getting into the industry, we’ve been innovating since Day 1! We wanted to compare your bricks to ours so we can see how we stack up. By the way, we’re also interested in space travel.

The Foundation of America

One hundred years is an exciting number to discuss.  One hundred years, a decade of decades, and when it comes to the National Concrete Masonry Association, you are looking at the Foundation of America – literally.  With over 18 years of experience in the masonry industry, I have been involved in many changes.  As one of the “new kids on the block”, when I formed Saturn Materials in 2016, I did so to find innovative solutions with masonry products.  From where I sit, the future of our industry looks very bright! I left NCMA’s Young Professionals Workshop with excitement streaming …

Saturn Materials’ Booth at the CSI Product Show in Pearl, Mississippi

The Mississippi CSI Product Show is an annual event hosted at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl, Mississippi. The show gives exhibitors the chance to display their company’s premier products that are responsible for pushing the industry forward. It was incredibly inspiring to see the innovation happening in the world of masonry and we are so proud to be a part of this important industry!

What’s New With Saturn Materials?

Saturn Materials has been so busy recently that it has been hard to keep up with everything. This post will help us and you stay up-to-date on all the new, exciting things Saturn has gotten the chance to be a part of. Introducing the Guardian Line… Saturn Materials’ Guardian Product Line eclipses ASTM strength and compression standards, the non-fading colors are stringently tested to ensure your brand colors stay protected, and manufactured using an eco-friendly process that only expels water vapor! Click HERE to learn about how this product line can make your next project strong and looking stunning while also …

Dynamics of Masonary Feature Image

Dynamics of Masonry – Features the Saturn Materials’ “Guardian” Line

Fred Dunand, owner and president of Saturn Materials, visited the office of an architectural firm in Jackson MS and left them with new light on the world of masonry. Saturn Materials’ manufacturing process brings innovative, cost-effective practices that lead to reducing the carbon footprint for a wide variety of projects that were not originally environmentally-friendly. Architects had the chance to see the Guardian product display first-hand. The trendy range color of Comic Twilight combined with the structural capacity of the Fly Ash material creates a beautiful, high-performance cavity wall or single wythe wall system that rivals the industry’s leading structural …

Ring in the New Year Under Cosmic Twilight

As the new year approaches, it’s exciting to look ahead to 2018 – to the new trends and hot releases in clothes, cars, toys and technologies that await. As an innovator in the masonry industry, it probably seems odd for us to be thinking about these things, but the truth is we’re regularly looking ahead so that we can produce products that are stylish, durable and environmentally friendly. That’s why we developed our Monarch Cored Brick in Cosmic Twilight. Cosmic Twilight, our striking and oh-so-timely range color, is made up of two colors, Charcoal and Slate, and is available in …

You’ll FALL for Our New Range Colors

The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping and Halloween is right around the corner. With this change of the season, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some new colors we think you will fall for! Plus, we’ve got some old autumn favorites that are getting us in the seasonal spirit! So warm up a cup of hot cider and take a look at these autumnal beauties!   Stormy Desert is made up of two colors, Gray and Dove, and is available in all of the shapes we offer.