The Saturn Material’s manufacturing facility operates as a fully automated system utilizing cutting edge technology. With this system in place, we’re able to reduce handling, protect the product and deliver the specific requirements of Saturn’s unique products with timely throughput.

Process We Use

The manufacturing process for the typical clay masonry product is significantly different from creating a fly ash and cement masonry product. That is why we’ve developed a manufacturing process to mix, cast, and cure material specifically for the design of our masonry products.

  • Before beginning, the mixer is modified for proper dispensing and mixing of the materials to be used.

  • Next, forming components are constructed to handle the material in its various states in order to properly mold the masonry products.

  • Lastly, curing is strategically designed to allow for proper strength development in a rapid manner.

Common Brick Patterns & Terms

Bond – A bond is the patterned arrangement of brick or stone in a wall. The brick must be lapped upon one another, to prevent vertical joints from falling over each other.

Mortar – Mortar is a pasty building material composed of sand, lime and cement mixed with water. This mixture gradually hardens when exposed to the air. Mortar is used as a joining medium in brick and stone construction.

Joint – A joint is the mortar bond placed between individual masonry units such as brick, block or stone, typically ⅜”.

Course – Setting a course means to arrange in a row. A row of bricks, when laid in a wall, is called a course.

Stack Bond

Saturn Materials-Stack Bond brick pattern

The stack bond is made up of courses of stretchers where each stretcher is stacked directly above a stretcher and the joints align. This is not a structural bond and is generally used on interiors for non-load bearing walls. To download this pattern, click HERE.

Common Bond

Saturn Materials-Commond Bond brick pattern

A common bond has a course of headers is inserted every five or six courses. A header is always centered on a stretcher and the joints of each course of headers always align. To download this pattern, click HERE.

Flemish Bond

Saturn Materials-Flemish Bond brick pattern

For the Flemish bond, each course is made up of alternating stretchers and headers. Each header is centered on a stretcher above and below. To download this pattern, click HERE.


Running or
Stretcher Bond

Saturn Materials-Running or Stretcher Bond brick pattern

The running bond is the most used bond and is composed of stretchers offset by 1/2 brick per course, breaking at the center of each brick immediately above and below. To download this pattern, click HERE.

Running Bond
with Soldier Course

Saturn Materials-Running Bond w-Soldier Course brick pattern

This pattern involves using the running bond and adding the soldier course between every six or seven courses. To download this pattern, click HERE.