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The Secrets of Concrete Masonry Manufacturing Process

Ever Wondered How We Make Our Products? It’s All Revealed Now.

There has been a lot of talk lately about our new masonry products. Have you wondered how we make them? There are, of course, some secrets we can’t disclose, but read on to find out about Saturn Material’s concrete masonry manufacturing process.

It all starts with the raw materials that either arrive by a tanker truck or dump truck. These raw materials are stored in large silos or storage bins. We then dispense the ingredients into large industrial mixers to create a homogenous mix. Precise measurements are used by weighing each ingredient for our “secret sauce”. When the mixing is complete, the batch is discharged into special molds depending on the shapes that are being made. A state-of-the-art vibro-compacting press is used to ensure a high-strength quality product. The shapes are then demolded onto a steel plate and an automated process places them into the large curing chambers.

The curing chambers are comparable to large saunas because the products are cured with steam at less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This process has a very quick turnaround and only require an overnight curing. When ready the next day, the products are conveyed to an automatic cuber. The Cuber is designed to create the pallet in a specific pattern based on the shapes. Once the pallet is fully stacked with product, the pallet is moved under an automatic hooder. The hooder will stretch a polyurethane sock over the product and pallet, making a complete unit. These pallets are then sent to an outside conveyor where the products are handled for the first time by a person. A forklift driver will either take the pallets to a waiting truck or go in the yard waiting to be picked up.

The entire process is almost completely automated, allowing for a streamlined method of making our products.

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