A collection of Saturn Materials' eco friendly building materials

How Green Is Saturn Materials?

Eco friendly building materials from Saturn MaterialsThere is a lot of buzz in the construction industry about the benefits of using a “green” product.  Using eco friendly building materials is important, and when used in the building process, we help the environment. So, how does Saturn Materials ensure we make our products with a sustainability focus? Quite a lot!


The machinery used in making our products are controlled with a very high efficiency process. The entire plant operates on a 600 Amp circuit. Our natural gas consumption is also relatively low. Our products cure in a steam chamber overnight, which results in lower embodied energy. To run our high efficiency steam generator, we only require a 2” gas line and burn on average 3,240 therms per month. Also, due to our highly efficient system, there are no gas emissions during the process.


Saturm Materials Masonry Brick Colors

Vibrant brick colors from recycled pigment.

Utilizing recycled content is a considerable component in making our products environmentally friendly. We make all of our manufactured goods with fly ash, a by-product of coal combustion. We also take careful consideration when selecting our material suppliers. The pigments we use have an elevated level of recycled content and our wood pallets have been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to ensure the wood used is managed under sustainable forestry practices.

Packaging and Suppliers

Our materials and manufacturing aren’t the only things we make sure are environmentally friendly. When we designed the packaging, we wanted to ensure we used a minimum amount of material with the maximum amount of strength. In addition, whenever possible, we use regional material suppliers as close to the plant as possible.

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