You’ll FALL for Our New Range Colors

These colors are all the range!

The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping and Halloween is right around the corner. With this change of the season, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some new colors we think you will fall for! Plus, we’ve got some old autumn favorites that are getting us in the seasonal spirit! So warm up a cup of hot cider and take a look at these autumnal beauties!  

Stormy Desert Masonry Range Colors | Saturn Materials

Stormy Desert is made up of two colors, Gray and Dove, and is available in all of the shapes we offer.

Cosmic Twilight Masonry Range Colors | Saturn Materials

This striking range color is a blend of two of our most popular colors: Charcoal and Slate. It is also available in all shapes.

Fossil Masonry Color | Saturn Materials
Standard Color: Fossil

Looking for a pleasing neutral shade? Fossil has warm undertones, making it an excellent choice for your next concrete masonry project, no matter what shape you need!

More Colors of the Season

These tried and true Saturn shades are perfectly seasonal for autumn, as well as classically timeless. From deep reds, to golden yellows to rich browns, we can’t help but think of changing leaves when looking at this collection of colors!

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