Ring in the New Year Under Cosmic Twilight

As the new year approaches, it’s exciting to look ahead to 2018 – to the new trends and hot releases in clothes, cars, toys and technologies that await. As an innovator in the masonry industry, it probably seems odd for us to be thinking about these things, but the truth is we’re regularly looking ahead so that we can produce products that are stylish, durable and environmentally friendly. That’s why we developed our Monarch Cored Brick in Cosmic Twilight. Cosmic Twilight, our striking and oh-so-timely range color, is made up of two colors, Charcoal and Slate, and is available in …

Introducing the Newest Brick Color to the Saturn Materials Line: Charcoal

Introducing the Newest Brick Color to the Saturn Materials Line

Introducing: CHARCOAL Rich. Dark. Bold. Introducing the newest color addition to Saturn Material’s product line: Charcoal. This color truly packs a punch. With its saturated color that is solid all the way through, you won’t confuse these with painted bricks!  Make a strong statement with this revolutionary new color for your next masonry project. To learn more about our products, visit our Technical Data page. Stay tuned for more exciting color and shape announcements!