The Foundation of America

One hundred years is an exciting number to discuss.  One hundred years, a decade of decades, and when it comes to the National Concrete Masonry Association, you are looking at the Foundation of America – literally.  With over 18 years of experience in the masonry industry, I have been involved in many changes.  As one of the “new kids on the block”, when I formed Saturn Materials in 2016, I did so to find innovative solutions with masonry products.  From where I sit, the future of our industry looks very bright! I left NCMA’s Young Professionals Workshop with excitement streaming …

National concrete masonry association - NCMA

Newest NCMA Member

Saturn Materials LLC is proud to be the newest member of the National Concrete Masonry Association. The NCMA is the national trade association representing the producers and suppliers of concrete masonry products, including concrete block, manufactured stone veneer, segmental retaining walls and articulating concrete block. Saturn Materials can now be found listed in the NCMA Member Producer Directory at