Saturn Materials, LLC - A brick company

Testimonial for Wedding Day

“My fiancé’s late father, an accomplished engineer, extensively contributed to the development and invention of the technology utilized to manufacture the fly-ash brick. After our engagement, I knew right away that I wanted to find a special way to incorporate my fiancé’s father into our special day. I searched for six months to find a distributor that produced the fly-ash brick, to no avail. To my great surprise, one day I received an e-mail from Fred of Saturn Materials and he offered to provide me with the bricks to utilize at our upcoming wedding! I’ve kept the materials a secret (Shh) and plan to surprise my husband-to-be and his family with a fly-ash brick alter and center pieces at our wedding. This simple gift is an invaluable one, as the bricks are representative of a family member’s legacy. I cannot wait to display them for our friends and family and am thankful to Saturn Materials for making my vision a reality.”
Anne M.”