Secrets of Concrete Masonry Manufacturing Process - Brick Production| Saturn Materials

What’s New at Saturn Materials?

Production has begun!

Brick production has now started at the plant. The first bricks are coming out of the chambers and they look great! We’re starting with our unpigmented color of Light Gray but will soon be running our other standard colors. Stay tuned for more pictures and test results as we ramp up our processes.

Saturn Materials brick production

Brick Patterns are available for download!

Choosing the right brick pattern for your project can drastically affect the overall aesthetics of the building. We’ve created downloadable pdf files for the five most common brick patterns. Do you like the running bond pattern but want to use a larger brick? Use our Ambassador brick and save time with cutting by using the modular for the returns.

Download one or download them all. You can find them on our Capabilities/Services page.

Saturn Materials brick pattern