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Although Saturn Materials, LLC is creating a more environmentally friendly product using non-traditional raw materials, we are able to produce at a competitive price and meet the market standards currently in place. This allows the product to be easily integrated into building projects. The product also uses standard methods of installation, which requires no specialized training or tools. Additionally, the product works with current market grouts and cleaning products.

Saturn Materials, LLC’s products are not only attractive, but they deliver the performance of traditional masonry products with a dramatically lower carbon footprint. Saturn Materials’ technology and manufacturing process uses less energy and emits less CO2 while utilizing post-industrial recycled material. This dramatic reduction in environmental impact comes without sacrificing aesthetics, performance or budgets.



Primarily, Saturn Materials offers a non-pigmented color provided by the raw materials called Taupe, along with Turmeric, Khaki, Rust, Maroon, Amber, Ash Brown, Slate and Gray.

We are constantly creating new colors. Please check back often to view the latest shades.

Custom colors can be ordered at a premium.


Saturn Materials, LLC offers a variety of shapes for masonry products. The products are currently divided into categories totaling nearly 100 shapes, which range in size and features.

Size and shape dimensions are primarily dictated by the market. Sales will focus on the top six selling shapes, which include modular cored brick, utility cored brick, ambassador brick, 8x4x16 thru wall, 8x8x16 thru wall and 4x8x24 cored architectural block units. In general, sizes will range from the standard modular brick up to nominal 24 inch long facing unit products. The portfolio also offers a smooth or a split face finish. Other shapes may be available upon request.


The materials used in the manufacturing process have been specially selected for superior performance. Attention has been spent sourcing all materials for consistency and constant availability to ensure the masonry products produced are of excellent and dependable quality. When possible, the materials are locally sourced to reduce freight and further enhance the green properties of the manufacturing process.


View our colors in physical form with a Sample Board sent directly to you.